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Crop Hail Policies

A Crop Hail policy is a very inexpensive way to add individual acre protection for hail and fire to an existing MPCI policy or it can be purchased as a stand alone policy for your protection needs.
There are No Federal Subsidies involved in these policies, thus rates are competitive in the private insurance market. This equates into lower rates.
Added Endorsements provide several additional features that can add other covered perils to your policy. Some policies can provide theft, vandalism, upset and overturn, storage/dryer fire and bin spillage.
Wind damage protection can also be added to your policy for a small additional premium. Green Snap and Direct Ear Loss due to high winds can be added as an endorsement to a Crop Hail Policy to lessen the risk of high wind's damaging effects.
EACH INDIVIDUAL ACRE stands alone compared to farm units with a MPCI policy. Coverage can be purchased based on your desired Dollar Per Acre needs. Claims are calculated based on the amount of coverage purchased. EXAMPLE: Insured purchases $500.00 per acre of coverage. A professional crop hail claims adjuster determines that you have sustained a 50% loss. Your indemnity payment is $250.00 per acre damaged. 10% damage would be a $50.00 per acre indemnity payment.  

 Crop Hail is a must for Enterprise Unit elections on MPCI policies. GRP and GRIP group policies are based on the entire county having a yield or revenue loss. If you are unlucky enough to be hit by hail, and your entire crop is damaged, you might not be paid a dime if your farm's are the only ones sustaining damage in the county. Usually for less than $2.00 per acre in Ohio, you can purchase an adequate crop hail policy for grain crops. 

Deductibles can be added to crop hail policies in order to reduce your premium cost. Companion policies can be purchased that increase indemnity payment factors for quicker loss payment calculations. Usually a 5% or 10% deductible can be obtained.