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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions
  • I have crop insurance, now what do I do?
    • Just as you would do with any other insurance on the farm.  If anything happens to your crop, call your agent.  Your agent can inform you as to what steps are needed to file a claim.  Your agent can explain what your options would be for different situations.
  • Can I market my grain using my policy?
    • The Revenue Protection policy offers you a great tool for grain marketing. Once your yield history is established, you can market the bushels you are guaranteed based on the coverage level you elect.
  • My crops have large areas with little or not plants; is replanting an option?
    • Your YP and RP policy has a replanting provision.  To qualify it must be at least 20% of the planted acres in the unit or 20 acres, whichever is less.  This is the 20/20 rule.  You are required to call your agent to turn in a notice of loss prior to doing any replanting. 
  •  It has been too wet to plant.  What do I do?
    • You may claim prevented planting if you qualify within the 20/20 rules.  The prevented planting acres must be 20% of the unit planted to that crop or a total of 20 acres, whichever is less.  You are required to call your agent within 72 hours of your decision to take prevented planting within the late plant period or by the final planting date; June 5th for corn and June 20th for soybeans. NOTE: In order to elect Prevented Planting, it must be general in the area. In other words, other producers must have been prevented from planting also.You alone in a county WILL NOT qualify for a payment provided the majority get their crops planted.
  • How do I turn in a claim?
    • Contact the agency with notice that you are going to have a claim.  The agent who answers the call will then report your claim to the company via computer notification.  The company will assign an adjuster to you and the adjuster will contact you for an appointment time and tell you how to proceed.
  • I have wildlife damage to my crop.  Do I have a claim?
    • Yes, it is possible that you do have a claim.  You are covered for wildlife to the extent of the coverage level you have selected.  If you have a 75% policy, you would need damage greater than 25% on the entire unit.  Please call your agent so that a probable loss can be submitted.
  • I chop corn for silage, how does this affect my policy?
    • Your corn crop is insured for bushels as long as you are planting a grain variety of corn.  If you chop silage, please call your agents at least two weeks prior to chopping, so they can turn in a notice for a silage appraisal.  An adjuster will visit your fields and do an appraisal and establish a bushel quantity for your crop.  This is extremely important and mandatory if you think you are going to have a loss.
  • I have picked up some new ground this year after the sales closing date.  How is it covered?
    • It is automatically covered provided you have a policy in the county for the crop planted.  We will need to locate the new land on a plat map and have the FSA farm serial number.  You can report this information on your acreage report.  Please call your agent as they can further explain how to properly add this new land.
  • What if I pick up new land in another county?
    • If you know you are going to have added land in another county prior to March 15th, we need to have an application for this added county.  If you pick up after March 15th and have requested to have all counties insured on your original county application, we can add the new county at the same level and type of coverage as your original designated county.
  • What happens if I still have crops in the field on the end of the insurance period date of December 10th?
    • December 10th is the end of the insurance period.  If you still have crops in the field, please call your agent so that a probable loss can be turned in.  Your coverage is then extended.  If you are unable to harvest, an adjuster will do an appraisal of your crop.
  • I have requested to insure both corn and soybeans but only planted corn.  Do I have to pay premium on the soybeans?
    • No, you only pay premium on actual planted or prevented planting acres.
  • Do I have to insure all of my crops at the same levels?
    • No, you can insure your crop at one plan and level and insure your soybeans at a completely different plan and level. Counties can have different coverages if insured before March 15th.

Please call us with any questions or concerns you have.  It's our job to make your policy work for you.